PTC Electric Film Heater

- Apr 29, 2020-

So far, many forms of electric heating film have been put into practical use. Flexible PTC film heater is one of them. The other is an electric film printed and sintered on glass or enamel. Although they require different directions of the leading thermal conduction surface when they are used, they all belong to the form of surface heating heaters. The main shortcomings of the above-mentioned electrothermal films are the low temperature resistance, which is contradictory to their ability to achieve high power and high temperature heating unless they have reliable overheating safety protection. On the other hand, the matching of the thermal expansion coefficients of the substrate and the heating film is also an important issue. In short, safety and overcoming failures are the first considerations for its practicality.

Heat radiation type PTC electric heating film ceramic heating element. FFC ceramic film is evenly laid or printed on the porcelain tube or porcelain substrate. Since the large-area heating films are very thin, the thermal resistance of their own heat conduction to the surface is almost negligible. Many applications make use of the heat conducted by the heater heating film to the air and the heat radiation of the heating film. The air itself is a heat load. The whole heater is wrapped by the heating medium, showing excellent rapid heating effect and high thermal efficiency.