Precautions for Using Kst Adjustable Bimetallic Thermostat

- Nov 11, 2020-

Precautions for Using Kst Adjustable Bimetallic Thermostat


Adjustable kst thermostat is a kind of bimetal thermostat after fixed temperature as a heat-sensitive reaction component. It is a device that can freely regulate the temperature according to user requirements. It has a preset time period switch and multiple modes of operation. It is an ideal temperature control and energy-saving product. What are the precautions for use? The following Jaye editor will introduce you to five points:


1.   When using contact temperature-sensing installation, the surface of the metal upper cover of the temperature switch should be completely close to the installation surface of the controller.

2.   In order to ensure the temperature sensing effect, apply thermal paste on the temperature sensing surface of the appliance.

3.   Do not crush, loosen or deform the top of the metal surface of the thermostat during installation, so as not to affect the function and precision.

4.   Do not allow liquid to penetrate into the thermostat or excessive force to cause cracks in the shell.

5.   Do not change the shape of the external wiring terminal at will, so as not to affect the reliability of the electrical appliance, and have insulation protection measures to prevent leakage and ensure safe use.




What are the important characteristics of the thermostat in daily life


Thermostats can be seen everywhere in our daily lives. In Europe, thermostats are an essential component of wall-hung boilers. The two are matched one-to-one at the same time, and most of the temperature controllers equipped are intelligent temperature controllers. Nowadays, this kind of equipment is widely used in air conditioners, wall-hung boilers or other equipment in China. The start-up of all mechanical equipment is operated by a thermostat. It can be said that the adjustable bimetallic thermostat plays a considerable role and is also an indispensable device.


Modern adjustable bimetallic thermostat are widely used in various household appliances, such as water dispensers, refrigerators, water heaters, coffee teapots, etc. The quality of the adjustable bimetallic thermostat is directly affected by the safety, performance and life of the whole machine, is one of the most important and indispensable components. Among the many control technical indicators of thermostats, life is one of the most important factors to measure thermostat products.  


According to the standards of household appliances, the service life of adjustable bimetallic thermostat should be at least 10,000 times. Some electric appliances, such as thermostats that control motors or compressors in refrigerator products, have a longer service life. The adjustable bimetallic thermostat has several characteristics of convenience, comfort, labor saving and peace of mind.


1.Convenience: Set the control of empty household equipment regularly every day or in advance, which eliminates the need for manual operations to be performed every day, which is more necessary for a class of friends at work.

2.Comfortable:the indoor temperature can be adjusted every morning, noon, and night, so that the room can be kept at a relatively constant temperature.

3.Labor-saving: Just set it up, all other operations don't need to be re-set or planned, just need to go through the installation steps and we can do better, eliminating the need for manual maintenance.

4.Rest assured: when the indoor temperature is relatively low, the wall-hung boiler can be automatically started, and the boiler can be automatically shut down when the temperature is good, which can greatly save fuel, and there are protective measures that can prevent entering the room from being frozen.