Precautions for Use of Stainless Steel Electric Heating Tube

- May 29, 2020-

1. When heating fusible metal or solid nitrate, alkali, bitumen, paraffin, etc., the voltage should be reduced first, and the medium can be raised to the rated voltage after melting.


2. When heating the air, the elements should be arranged evenly, so that it has good heat dissipation conditions, and the flowing air can be fully heated.


3. When heating nitrate, safety measures should be considered to prevent explosion accidents.


4. The wiring part of the stainless steel electric heating tube should be placed outside the insulation layer to avoid contact with corrosive, explosive media and water.


5. The lead wire should be able to withstand the temperature and heating load of the wiring part for a long time, and avoid excessive force when tightening the wire screw.


The reason why this heating tube is stainless steel, because some users are focusing on heating liquid, and there will be signs of rusting when the pipe is used for a long time, but with the stainless steel material, it will effectively save costs and the using time of the product is longer. Therefore, stainless steel electric heating tube is a relatively economical product.