Polyimide film heater introduction

- Mar 21, 2020-

PI electric heating film is made of polyimide film as outer insulator, metal foil and wire as inner conductive heating element, and heat-sealed by high temperature and high pressure.

Polyimide thin film electric heating film has excellent insulation strength; excellent electrical strength; excellent heat conduction efficiency; excellent resistance stability. This makes it suitable for a wide range of heating applications and enables a fairly high temperature control accuracy.

Polyimide film electric heating film has been successfully used in Fengyun series of artificial satellites, Long March series of launch vehicles, Dongfeng, Hongqi and other missiles, as well as aircraft, ships, tanks, artillery gyroscopes, accelerometers, fire control radar and other isothermal Control and heating system.

l The main applications:

 A. Scientific analysis instruments, such as providing a constant temperature source for thermal conductivity (or thermal coefficient) measuring instruments, medical instruments, etc., to stabilize the operating temperature of optoelectronic components.

 B. In cryogenic environment, make the instrument and equipment reach safe working temperature. For example, instruments and facilities such as satellites, space vehicles and airplanes, as well as instruments and meters used in high latitudes, are low temperature resistant, such as card readers, LCDs and other instruments.

 C. Vacuum heating and baking field.

 D. Car rear view mirror defrosting sheet, snow removal for antenna or radar, defrosting heating element and speed regulating resistor sheet.

 eHealth care and beauty equipment industry.

l  Features

 Compared with traditional electric heating elements, metal electric heating film has the following advantages:

 1. The space occupied is extremely small; the weight is extremely light; the thickness is extremely thin (generally less than 0.1mm).

 2. Extremely soft, its minimum bending radius is only about 0.8mm.

 3. The shape and size are extremely flexible, especially suitable for making flexible electrothermal film elements with very small faces.

 4. The surface heating method is adopted, which allows the surface power density to be extremely large, up to 7.8 W / cm2. Therefore, this product series has the characteristics of better uniform heating performance and faster heating rate.

 5. It can meet different heating power requirements and heating temperature requirements in different areas. According to the design requirements, the temperature distribution on the heating surface can be achieved.

 6. Small thermal inertia, high temperature control accuracy and fast speed.

 7. The insulating film as a protective layer has extremely low saturated vapor pressure and extremely low outgassing, and at the same time has excellent chemical resistance, antibacterial performance and radiation resistance. Therefore, this electrothermal film series product is suitable for vacuum environment, environment with oil and most chemicals (such as acid, chemical solvent, general lye).

 8. It can be easily integrated into a thin insulation material to provide a lightweight electric heating element with a heat insulation layer.

 9. Products with PSA stickers are more convenient and quick to install.

 10. This series of products are safe, reliable and have a long service life.

 Third, the main specifications and performance

 This product series is divided into two types: high temperature type and low temperature type. The maximum use temperature of the high-temperature type electric heating film is 300 ° C, and the minimum use temperature is -200 ° C; the maximum use temperature of the low-temperature type electric heating film is 130 ° C, and the minimum use temperature is -200 ° C. This series of products can also be integrated with thermal insulation layer and PSA glue for users to choose, and related sensors, such as temperature sensors, can be integrated into this product. The operating temperature range of PSA glue products is: 150 ℃ ~ -35 ℃. The use voltage is generally less than 220V.