Performance and characteristics of ni-Cr heating wire Silicone rubber heater

- Aug 13, 2020-

1) Silicone rubber heater can be designed to various shapes and sizes according to user requirements, and can be flat or curved wrapped around the body of meter competition

2) The silicone rubber heater use silica gel glass cloth as the covering layer, which has good performance in high and low temperature and can work normally in the temperature range of -50~ +200℃ for a long time.

3) Good insulation. It is resistant to electricity for 1 minute under the condition of 500 volts voltage and 0.5 dry volt-amps power, and will not cause jumping fire breakdown phenomenon.

4) Its outlet line of silicone rubber heater made by Jaye is firmly connected and can bear at least 0.2kg tension load. Insulation resistance >200MQ(500V megohm meter check) between lead line and insulation.

5) Resistance can vary from a few ohms to a few hundred ohms. Direct current or alternating current can work normally for a long time 

6) Good moisture resistance. The adhesive strength between silica gel glass cloth and ni-Cr sheet is high and will not fall off.

7) Long service life, can work for 1000 hours continuously. By using GPS-2 or GD-402 adhesive, it can be firmly bonded with aluminum, steel, steel and other metals, and has no corrosive effect on the metals when used.