Operations for the Cast Aluminum Heaters

- Aug 03, 2020-

Before using, the surface load and specific temperature should also be clarified. A high-efficiency heater is used for metal casting process, and the overall thermal conductivity is very good. It can ensure the uniform temperature of the hot surface, and can eliminate the hot and cold spots of the equipment. The corresponding working voltage should not exceed 10% of the rated value, and there are requirements for the humidity of the air. Especially in the wiring part, a heating layer should be placed on it. In addition to the insulation layer, the shell should be effectively grounded. 


Regard to the lead wire , a certain temperature should be maintained for a long time, and the heating load characteristics should also be ensured. Of course, when tightening the wiring part, do not use excessive force. When placing the cast aluminum electric heater, it should be placed in a dry place. If placed for a long time, the insulation resistance should be lower than the standard value. And when in use, the voltage should be reduced for heating.


The cast aluminum electric heater needs to be fixed well. If it is a heating area, it should be closely attached to the heated body and cannot be air-fired. If there is dust or pollutants on the surface, it should be cleaned up in time, and then used, mainly to avoid affecting the heat dissipation characteristics. And in the place of use, it should be avoided to be contaminated, or the presence of moisture infiltration. And should prevent the occurrence of electric leakage to ensure the overall safety of use.