Notes on the use of silicone heaters

- Apr 28, 2020-

1. When using this type of electric silicone rubber heater, it must be noted that its continuous use operating temperature should be less than 240 ℃, instantaneously not exceeding 300 ℃.

2. The silicone electric rubber heater can work and be under pressure, that is, it can be attached to the heated surface with an auxiliary pressing plate. The heat conduction is good. When the temperature in the working area does not exceed 240 ℃, its current density can reach 3W / c㎡.

3. Under pasting installation conditions, the working temperature is allowed to be less than 150 ℃.

4. If it is dry burning in the air, limited by the temperature resistance of the material, its power density should be less than 1 W / c㎡; under non-continuous conditions, the power density can reach 1.4 W / c㎡

5. The working voltage selection is based on the principle of high power-high voltage, low power-low voltage, special needs can be excluded.

Installation method:

1. Pressure sensitive adhesive can be used for bonding on flat and smooth workpieces.

2. The maximum operating temperature of the pressure sensitive adhesive is: 150 ℃ continuous, 230 ℃ instantaneous. Where the power density does not exceed 0.9W / c㎡.

3. The silicone rubber heater coated with pressure-sensitive adhesive is used within six months after leaving the factory, otherwise it will affect the performance of the glue.

4. Small workpieces can be prefabricated and vulcanized in the factory to ensure the longest service life of the heating plate.