Notes on the use of ceramic heaters

- Oct 04, 2019-

The ceramic heater first protects the electric heater. First, the main power supply should be closed to keep it in a power-off state, and a warning sign must be hung in order to provide a warning effect. Then, when the electric heater is disassembled, the application force is moderate, and the force cannot be applied too much to prevent damage to the electric heater and its components. When the thermal resistor is disassembled, do not slam it with a hammer to prevent damage to the heating element. The thermal resistor should be cleaned in time, and the ash cannot be accumulated to prevent its normal operation from being affected.

Check the connection terminals, sensing cables, etc., whether they are intact, whether there is oxidation or drop, and if necessary, replace them immediately. The other wiring leads should be exposed on the heater's insulation layer or the heater, so that this part should not be overheated and endangered. Relatively speaking, the heat dissipation area is reduced. In other cases, the heating pipe should be lying horizontally in the water, and the stainless steel electric heating pipe should not be placed in the water. Due to the writing, the heat will rise with the pipe. , Consume power. Together, it shortens the service life of the heating tube.

As a common electric heating element, the electric heating tube mainly converts electric energy into thermal energy. It can be applied to various electric heating equipments and can also be used independently. According to reports, electric heating tubes often suffer from electric leakage or shortened service life when used alone. Regal reminds customers that this kind of problem may be caused by the selection of unqualified products (here is the introduction of Regal high-quality electric heating pipes), on the other hand, Regal reminds the following key points in the application to pay more attention.

When the electric heating pipe is used for air heating, pay attention to the even placement of the electric heating pipe. The advantage of doing so is to ensure that the electric heating pipe has ample and uniform heat dissipation space, and to ensure the air mobility as much as possible, and improve the heating power of the electric heating pipe. . The electric heating pipe is used to heat easily melted metal or solid nitrate, wax, asphalt, and other substances. The heating substance must be melted first. At this time, the external voltage of the electric heating pipe can be lowered. After the melting is completed, it will recover to an extra voltage. In addition, safety measures should be taken into account when heating pipes such as nitrates are used to easily cause explosions.