Notes for using finned tubular heater elements:

- Sep 29, 2020-

Notes for using finned tubular heater elements:


  1. Heat preservation: Finned heating tube is often used in hot air circulation and heat preservation system. There should be heat preservation and heat insulation layer around to reduce heat loss. 

  2. Wind speed: The general wind speed of finned electric heating tube is appropriate at 8-12m/s. Excessively high wind speed will increase pressure head loss, while excessively low wind speed will reduce heat dissipation efficiency.

  3. Installation: Generally, staggered installation is adopted to make the air contact surface through the flow larger, fully heating, heat away.

  4. Wiring protection: Wiring parts of the finned heating tube should be placed outside the insulation layer to facilitate replacement in the future and prevent excessive temperature damage to wiring parts.

  5. Daily maintenance during intermittent use: when the insulation resistance is lower than 1 megom for a long time, it can be dried in the oven at about 200℃ or directly switched on for electric heating with reduced voltage until the insulation resistance returns to normal.

  6. Others

    Air relative humidity in the working environment shall not be greater than 95%.The operating voltage shall not be more than 1.1 times the rated value, and the housing shall be effectively grounded.Storage: It should be stored in a room with good air circulation, no more than 85% relative humidity and no corrosive gas.