Nano infrared heating band VS traditional band

- Nov 19, 2020-

Nano infrared heating band VS traditional band heater

Traditional band heater has the following three obvious shortcomings

1. Low electrothermal conversion efficiency (decided by material);

2. Adopt the contact heat transfer method (injection molding machine working vibration);

3. When the heater heating the barrel, it heating the air too, so the heat utilization rate is low!

Nano infrared heating band effectively solve the shortcomings of ordinary band heater, and gradually become the first choice for energy-saving injection molding machine heating coils.

Advantages of nano infrared energy-saving heating band

1. The electrothermal conversion efficiency is high, and the electrothermal conversion rate of the nickel-chromium wire is higher than that of the ordinary iron-aluminum resistance wire;

2. Using the radiation heat transfer method, the emitted infrared light waves can be completely absorbed by the barrel;

3. Adopt nano aerosol adhesive as heat preservation material to realize efficient heat preservation.

The ultra-low surface temperature of the nano infrared energy-saving heating ring can effectively reduce the workshop temperature and improve the comfort of the workshop.