Liquid Electric Heating Tube Notice

- Feb 28, 2020-

The liquid electric heating tube is the electric heating tube for liquid heating, and its shell can be made of stainless steel or titanium alloy, Teflon and other materials according to whether the liquids are corrosive. It is high mechanical strength and heat resistance, anti-corrosion.

There are many types of liquid electric heating pipes, such as U-shaped, flange-shaped, threaded-shape, etc, which is exquisite, takes up less space, and easy arrangement. It can be selected and designed according to the customer's requirements.


Usage Notice:

1. The size of the effective heating area must be completely immersed in the liquid to avoid empty burning.

2. The scale on the surface of the pipe needs to regularly removed to avoid affecting the heat dissipation and shortening the service life.

3. The components should be stored in a dry place. If the insulation resistance drops below 1 MΩ due to long-term storage, the insulation resistance can be restored by reducing the voltage and heating or drying in an oven for several hours.