Is it safe to use fast heat immersion water heater?

- Mar 21, 2020-

It is generally safe, as long as you do not dry the water, no accidents will occur. It is best not to leave when using, keep away from children.
Proper use:
1. When boiling water, the water must be soaked in the electric heating rod.
2. Be sure to boil water in non-conductive things.
3. Don't touch water when boiling water, because water is charged.
4. Do not take it out immediately after boiling, because its heating wire has not cooled down, it is not good for heating rod.
5. When using an electric heating rod, it is best that I have enough time so that the power is cut off immediately after boiling.
6. Pay attention to the time interval during use to prevent the electric heating rod from bursting.
7, after using for a period of time, after cooling, use vinegar + wire brush to clean the scale above.
8. The power supply must be stable. Zh
9. It should be wiped with a dry cloth after cooling down every time, in preparation for the next use.