Is it necessary to buy a clothes dryer?

- Mar 31, 2020-

In fact, for most people, they will think that buying a dryer is unnecessary. Why? Because of power consumption and children at home, safety issues must be considered. In addition, there are more clothes in general. It can also dry out slowly in the room. In fact, this is a relatively conservative idea. The times are different. The dryer can help us bring better life experience, why not use it!

First, it saves time to dry clothes: Everyone knows that under normal conditions in the south, wet clothes in the rainy season take 5 days to barely dry, and it is not a special dry, but the dryer can be used that night Just drying, greatly saving the time of drying clothes;

Second, convenience and safety, lazy welfare: Why do you say that? Now the dryers work very well, similar to a washing machine, one-click operation, people can leave, automatically power off after drying, I have to say it is lazy The welfare of people can be completely dried in a few hours, which saves troublesome things like drying clothes.

Third, it is clean and hygienic. In fact, the dryer has been misunderstood by everyone. It will be considered unclean and unhygienic. In fact, it is dried at high temperatures. The general temperature is about 80 degrees. It is easy for the clothes to breed bacteria again, but it is cleaner and more hygienic than drying in a cool room, and it is less likely that airborne bacteria will infect the clothes.

Fourth, there are many functions. In fact, the current high-tech makes the dryer more and more humane. The current dryer can also automatically remove the hair storage of the clothes so that the clothes are kept clean and wrinkles are removed This function is unmatched by drying clothes. Therefore, the current technology, the clothes dried by the dryer are soft and comfortable. Very humane.

So buy a clothes dryer is a wise option.