Introduction of PTC Heating Tube

- Apr 29, 2020-

At present, PTC ceramics are widely used in various fields such as white goods, integrated ceilings, automobiles, kitchen appliances, etc. as emerging heating sources, with excellent characteristics such as slow attenuation, stable operation, and no open flame. However, in some specific areas, such as submerged liquid heating or places with special requirements for installation structure and installation space, it is difficult to install heaters manufactured by traditional PTC heating core processing methods. These places require heater installation methods and shapes. It is close to the traditional heating wire heating tube, but the heating performance hopes to reach the PTC ceramic heating level, so it is necessary to develop a PTC ceramic heater with a shape close to the traditional heating wire heating tube. There are similar heaters on the market, but the internal use of sheet-shaped PTC ceramics is filled with magnesium oxide powder. These products have solved the appearance and heating performance while bringing the fatal phenomenon of PTC ceramics breakdown rate rising.

The following describes a general-purpose PTC liquid heater for heating general liquids. It has the characteristics of long life, low attenuation rate, dry burning, easy installation, and low breakdown rate.

The technical scheme adopted by the PTC heating tube is: a universal PTC liquid heater, including a round metal shell, a PTC heating core and a sealing flange, the metal shell is welded and sealed at one end in contact with water, and the other end is sealed Flange; the PTC heating core is set in a metal shell. The PTC heating core includes a PTC heating element, an electrode sheet and an insulating film. The PTC heating element is made up of one or more dedicated high-temperature, high-pressure PTC ceramic sheets connected in parallel. The two sides of the PTC ceramic sheet are bonded to the electrode sheet with thermally conductive silica gel, and the wire or connector is connected to the wire connection portion of the electrode sheet. The electrode sheet is wrapped with an insulating film on the outside. It has a long circular shape and is combined with a PTC heating core into a cylindrical shape. Its size matches the inner diameter of the metal shell.

The shell is made of stainless steel, and the metal shell and the sealing flange are sealed with high temperature resistant epoxy resin. The arc surface of the heat conducting bar is provided with a clamping groove, which is used for riveting the ground wire. Length and diameter can be customized according to different needs.

This PTC heating tube has scientific and reasonable design, beautiful appearance, easy to use, automatic constant temperature heating, no open flame, suitable for use in various submerged liquid heating places, with long life, low attenuation rate, dry burning, easy installation, low rate of breakdown Features