Infrared heating lamp application-shrinking of wine cap

- Oct 15, 2020-

Infrared heating lamp application-shrinking of wine cap


For most wines on the market, the bottle mouth will be covered with a layer of "paper". Before opening the bottle, always cut it first.

In the earliest days, bottling wine was stored in a dark and humid cellar, but this also provided an ideal living environment for rodents and insects such as rats. In order to prevent the cork from being eaten by animals, people put a layer of wine cap on the bottle mouth. Due to limited technology, the wine caps were made of lead. Later, people realized that lead is harmful to health. In 1996, the European Union and the United States simultaneously enacted legislation to ban the use of lead wine caps. Nowadays, the commonly used wine caps are tin foil caps and thermoplastic caps. This process protects the organic properties of the wine and makes the packaging appearance of the wine pleasing to the eye.

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How does the shrinkable wine cap fit perfectly with the bottle mouth?

The "heat shrinkage" process came into being. The principle is that the PVC wine cap will shrink when exposed to high temperatures. The most important heating element in this process is the infrared heating lamp.


The advantages of infrared heating lamp heat shrinkage:

1. The edges are neat, the stitching performance is good, and there is no flash;

2. Straight into the bottle, small space occupation, convenient layout, stable transportation and high efficiency;

3. Precision PID temperature controller, precise temperature control;

4. Consumption reduction and energy saving;

5. The operation is simple and safe.