Industrial high temperature heating oven structure and features

- Feb 27, 2020-

1. Industrial ovens which have much demand on the temperature, they may use microcomputer digital LED display temperature controller, P, I, D + SSR control to ensure the stability of temperature control

2.Control mode: The mechanical timer will be turned on automatically when the temperature reaches the set value. When the time is reached, the heater and wind motor will be cut off. The buzzer will send an end alarm.

3. The outer box is 1.2mm cold-rolled plate after powder coating, and the inner box is made of stainless steel plate

4.The interior of the oven is available in layers, carts, and suspensions.

5.Various modes of transportation: horizontal, up and down, left and right, combined for different industries to choose

6. High-efficiency scale stainless steel heater with good heating effect and rapid heating

7. High-efficiency siliceous wool imported thermal insulation cotton, with excellent thermal insulation effect, saving energy and electricity by 30% compared with ordinary oven

8.Double door box, Taiwan explosion-proof door lock, special custom hinge, durable, not easy to break;

9.Imported high temperature resistant silicone seals are durable

10.Special air duct design, imported motor from Taiwan, low noise, strong wind, excellent temperature uniformity

11, functions: automatic heating-automatic constant temperature control -time to automatically alarm


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