Improvement of electric band heater from high energy consumption to energy saving

- Aug 07, 2020-

With China's economic reforms, traditional industrial products are undergoing various improvements. electric band heater are gradually being improved from high energy consumption to energy-saving, which will adapt to the international trend!
Energy conservation and emission reduction in the industrial sector is an important breakthrough direction for the new leadership team to deal with environmental issues. Plastics, as China's pillar industry, is also the world's largest producer. As one of the important equipment in the plastics industry, injection molding machines are an important carrier for the development of the country's plastics industry. Therefore, injection molding machines have a very large inventory. The power consumption of all China's injection molding machines in normal operation for one year is equal to the sum of the power generation of the two Yangtze River Three Gorges, and China has about 400,000 new markets every year. In the context of energy saving and emission reduction and the huge number of injection molding machines, the production speed of the injection molding machine industry is not the most important indicator, but the energy consumption per unit weight of products. Therefore, the mechanical structure, control mode, and operating process conditions of the injection molding machine must be optimized based on the minimum energy consumption. The use of advanced energy-saving technology has become the goal pursued by plastic machinery manufacturers and many plastic companies.
Technologies such as electric thousand-speed injection system, hydraulic servo system, and all-electric injection molding machine have been developed by leaps and bounds in recent years. At present, almost 100% of new machines in the market adopt servo power systems, which will account for more than 50% of the overall energy consumption. The motor part of the company has achieved a minimum electricity saving of 40%. The main electricity part of the injection molding machine is divided into two parts, one is the power part, and the other is the heating part. The adoption of the servo system means that the energy consumption of the heating and the power part occupy the same proportion, so the energy saving of the heating power part highlights its intuitive value.
Electric band heater, as auxiliary heating equipment for plastic machines, generally account for more than 20% of the energy consumption of the whole machine. Since 2013, many technology-based companies in the market have invested in research and development on energy-saving treatment of heating coils, and basically launched two energy-saving heating Circle faction: infrared energy-saving electric band heater technology and electromagnetic energy-saving electric band heatertechnology.
 Electromagnetic energy-saving electric band heater: The principle of electromagnetic heating is to generate an alternating magnetic field through the components of the electronic circuit board. When an iron-containing container is placed on it, the surface of the container will cut the alternating magnetic lines of force and generate an alternating current on the metal part of the bottom of the container. (That is, eddy current), the eddy current causes the iron atoms at the bottom of the container to move at a high speed and irregularly. The atoms collide and rub against each other to generate heat energy, thereby heating the article. Because the iron container heats itself, all heat conversion rates are extremely high, up to 95%. The advanced technology principle guarantees the energy-saving effect of the electromagnetic heating method. At present, the energy-saving transformation of the electromagnetic heating ring is widely used in plastic injection machines, extruders, film blowing machines, wire drawing machines, plastic films, pipes, wires and other machines, food Processing, textile, printing and dyeing, metallurgy, light industry, machinery, surface heat treatment and welding, boilers, boiling water furnaces and other industries can replace traditional energy sources.
Infrared energy-saving electric band heater: adopts a new type of infrared heating element with an electric heating conversion efficiency of over 99.8%; adopts infrared unidirectional radiation conduction mode, which greatly improves the heat transfer efficiency between the heating element and the barrel; adopts aerospace special aerosol felt Glue, the thermal conductivity is as low as 0.013w/mK, ensuring that the surface temperature of the electric band heater is not higher than 70℃, and the third-generation anti-radiation surface coating can ensure that the surface temperature is as low as 50℃, thereby improving the conversion efficiency of traditional electric band heater The fatal shortcomings of low heat transfer, low heat efficiency, and high surface temperature, which are low and one high, can not only save energy by more than 30%, but also improve the working environment of the workshop.