How to use the Portable Immersion Water Heater

- Oct 09, 2020-

What is Portable Immersion Water Heater

Portable Immersion Water Heater is a kind of electric heater commonly used in daily life, which can be used to boil water, heat milk, make coffee, etc., fast and convenient. There are Straight rods and Spiral rods.


The heating coil is usually made of a thinner metal tube. The tube is equipped with a heating wire, and then filled with an insulating material such as magnesium oxide powder. The heating wire is encapsulated and fixed in the middle of the tube so that it is not with the tube wall contact.


How to use the Portable Immersion Water Heater


The two ends of the heating wire are respectively connected with the power cord. After being energized, the current flows through the heating wire, and the heating wire generates heat. If the immersion heater is immersed in a liquid, the heat is quickly dissipated through the liquid, so that the liquid is quickly heated, and the heating wire will not be burnt. If the immersion heater is allowed to dry in the air, the heat is not easy to dissipate, and the metal outer tube will burn quickly, or even burn red, and the heating wire in the tube will burn. Therefore, the immersion heater should be put into the liquid before use. The liquid should at least submerge the heating coil (handles and wires cannot be immersed in the liquid), and then turn on the power. After heating, the power should be disconnected first. After a short while, after the temperature of the immersion heater is lowered, take it out of the liquid and dry it for storage.

The power of the immersion heater is generally about 1000-1500W, and the boiling of a bottle of water is generally 5-6 minutes.

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