How to use the electric silicone heater?

- Apr 30, 2020-

Electric silicone heater is widely used for industrial applications for heating. But do you know how to use it properly to make sure safety and a long lifetime? Following are some advice,

1. When using this type of electric silicone heater, it must be noted that its continuous use operating temperature should be less than 240 ℃, instantaneously not exceeding 300 ℃.

2. The silicone electric heater can work and be under pressure, that is, it can be attached to the heated surface with an auxiliary pressing plate. The heat conduction is good. When the temperature in the working area does not exceed 240 ℃, its current density can reach 3W / c㎡.

3. Under pasting installation conditions, the working temperature is allowed to be less than 150 ℃.

4. If it is dry in the air, subject to the temperature resistance of the material, its power density should be less than 1 W / c㎡; in non-continuous conditions, the power density can reach 1.4 W / c㎡.

5. The working voltage selection is based on the principle of high power-high voltage, low power-low voltage, special needs can be excluded.

Knowing how to use the electric silicone heater properly, then you can also have an idea of how to choose a suitable heater for you.