How to use a PTC heating element?

- May 06, 2020-

The PTC heating element like other types of heating element, it is an electric product, so for safety and lifetime, it required us to use it in a properly way. 

The PTC heating element has the characteristics of automatic constant temperature, no temperature control system is needed, and the PTC heating plate can be directly powered on;

When the PTC heater is used to heat a liquid (such as water), the PTC heater will not be damaged after the liquid is dried;

The operating voltage is very wide, when the operating voltage changes twice, the change in surface temperature is very small.

When multiple PTC heaters are used together, they should be connected in parallel, not in series.

The heating power changes from large to small after power-on and is stable after. The stable power is related to the use conditions. If the same PTC heater is used under different conditions, the power may differ by several times. The faster the heat dissipation, the greater the stable power; the higher the PTC surface temperature, the higher the power.