How to supply and connect the flange heating pipe

- Mar 25, 2020-

Judge the wiring mode:

1. Select the connection mode for unknown voltage: generally 380V flat flange is used, triangle connection method is selected. If the voltage is unknown, the tube can be heated to adopt the star connection method. If the heating effect is not obvious, the voltage can be judged.

2. The normal plane flange heating pipe generally selects 380V voltage, and the 380V voltage generally selects triangle connection mode.

Judge the applied voltage:

The actual wiring application shows that: the general use voltage of the flange electric heating pipe is 220V, 380V. When the heating pipe is uncertain between the two, it can be directly connected to the voltage of 220V for use. By observing the working condition of the electric heating pipe, it can be judged that if the heating effect is not good, it can be concluded that the set voltage is greater than 220V.

Calculated and measured: if you do not know the voltage, if you know its resistance, power or other electrical parameters, you can calculate its rated power. After the heating pipe is confirmed, the value can be obtained by measuring instrument.

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