How to repair an electric heater

- Nov 19, 2020-

How to repair an electric heater


1. If the inlet and outlet of the heater leak, the sealing ring may be damaged. At this time, the sealing ring should be replaced in time. Only in this way can the leakage problem be solved.

2. Generally speaking, if the electric heater cannot start normally, there may be two reasons: one is that the emergency stop button of the control cabinet is not reset. If you want to remedy it, you need to reset the emergency stop button; second, it may be caused by the wrong interlock of the interlock contacts. At this time, to find out the wrong interlock contact, you can return to normal.

3. If the readings on the ammeter are unbalanced or lack of phase, there are generally three reasons: the pointer of the ammeter is not flexible and can be repaired or replaced in time; secondly, the equipment circuit breaker is out of phase when it is closed. If this happens, replace the circuit breaker in time; the triac or fuse is damaged. At this time, it can also be replaced directly for maintenance.