How to Prevent the Accident of Electric Appliance Fire

- Jul 01, 2020-

1. Someone must be in charge during the use of electric heating appliances. They must not leave casually halfway. When they leave, they must cut off the power supply. Especially in the event of a power outage during use, don’t forget to unplug, otherwise no one will know after the power up, and will cause a fire.

2. For high-power electric appliances, which should use a separate switch fuse, not a plug, because direct plug or unplug can easily cause short circuits and arcing. It is not allowed to be directly connected to the socket of the lamp holder, because the lamp holder's current exceeds 3A and it is easy to heat and cause an accident. The safety current-carrying capacity of the wire connected to the heating appliance must meet the capacity requirements of the heating appliance. The rubber insulated wire should not be used as the power lead.

3. Electric heating appliances should be placed on the base of non-combustible materials such as mud bricks, asbestos boards, etc., and should not be placed directly on the tables and countertops to avoid burning and fire. Electric appliances that are in use or uncooled should be kept away from flammable and combustible materials.

4. Electric heating appliances should not be installed in places where there are combustible gas, flammable liquid vapor and combustible dust.

5. It should pay attention on the maintenance of electric appliances. Before use, you must check whether the equipment is in good condition. Be sure that the power lead is not damaged, aging or the switch, plug and fuse are well.