How to prevent scaling of electric tubular heaters?

- Aug 25, 2020-

How to prevent scaling of electric tubular heaters?

When the heater heats the liquid, the surface will gradually produce a lot of scale with the change of time. At first, the scale did not cause any harm to our heater, but for a long time, when the scale reaches a certain thickness and damages the heat dissipation effect of the heater, it is not far away from the result of the electric tubular heaters rupture. This factor is also one of the most common.

There is also a geological and climatic reason. In the winter of North China, stainless steel electric tubular heatersis easy to crack and cause serious water leakage. Special attention should be paid to the prevention and inspection of stainless steel electric heating pipe. In addition, we should be clear about the classification and use of stainless steel electric tubular heaters. First of all, we need to understand the environmental factors of stainless steel electric tubular heaters easy to freeze crack. For example:

1. The faucet and water pipe outside the house shall be equipped with anti freezing equipment (antifreeze bolt, anti freezing wooden box, etc.).

2. The room with water pipes should paste the door seam and window seam, and pay attention to the heat preservation in the room.

3. If there is ice in the house, it should also be wrapped with sacks and straw ropes.

4. The covered sand soil washed away by flood in rainy season should be filled before winter, so as to prevent the soil layer from being too shallow and frost cracking the water pipe.

5. Once the water pipe is frozen, don't bake it with fire or hot water (it will damage the water pipe and faucet due to sudden expansion). Wrap the faucet with hot towel to help thaw the freezing. If you want to know more ways to prevent the scaling of electric heating pipe, please contact Jaye industry.