How to Prevent Leakage of Stainless Steel Electric Heating Tube

- Jul 28, 2020-

1. The metal sheath of the heating tube

   If you use stainless steel heating tube, after a period of use, it will definitely produce scale or grease, so we must clean it regularly, otherwise the surface will be easy to leak after carbon buildup over time.

2. The heating tube must be completely immersed in the medium

   If the heating medium of the heating tube is liquid, be sure to immerse the entire heating tube in the liquid, otherwise the heating tube will burn dry in the air, causing electric leakage or other safety accidents.

3. Setting of heating tube voltage

   After the heating tube is connected to the power supply, set the voltage to be 10% lower than the rated voltage, so that the internal temperature of the heating tube will not be too high, which will cause leakage.

4. Reasonable wiring arrangement

  When wiring, you must arrange the wiring method reasonably, otherwise the various lines are entangled and leakage is easy to occur.