How to judge the quality of electric heating element?

- Mar 21, 2020-

I. Check the appearance

1.Smooth surface, no uneven holes

2. No barb. The cutting mouth is smooth and smooth.

3. Tight welded joints, no cavitation



Ⅱ. Confirm the internal design

See if the power and size are designed properly;

Whether the material selection is appropriate



Ⅲ. Whether it meets national standards

Industrial electric heating pipe standard: JB / T GB2379-1993 metal tubular electric heating element

1. Voltage: whether it is made according to requirements

2. Rated power error value: Under sufficient heating conditions,

a. For components with a rated power of 100W or less: ± 10%

b. For components with a rated power greater than 100W: + 5% to -10% or 10W, whichever is greater.

3. Insulation resistance value: The cold resistance is not less than 50 megohms at the time of factory inspection; the insulation resistance is not less than 1 megohms after long-term storage or use;

4. Leakage current: cold leakage current and leakage current after water pressure and sealing test should not exceed 0.5mA

5. High-voltage strength: 1500V / Min, no breakdown phenomenon must meet the requirements of the above electrical parameters.



The above three points are important criteria for judging the quality of electric heating pipes. Therefore, you must go to regular manufacturers to buy electric heating pipes. JAYE Industry strictly follows national production standards for production and strict inspection at the factory so that we can always supply clients premium electric heating products