How to fix the heating pipe when installing?

- Dec 03, 2020-

How to fix the heating pipe when installing?

1. Fasteners

The way to fix the heating tube is to perforate the side wall of the box (plate-type perforation), then thread through the plate and tighten it with screws.

2. Screw thread fixation

There are two ways to fix the screw thread. One is to perforate the container, the female ring is straight (usually a round female ring) and welded to the container, and the screw flange heating tube is directly screwed to the ring. You can install it; the other is similar to the installation of fasteners, the box is punched, the heating pipe threaded thread is passed through the hole, and the hexagonal nut is fastened with the thread of the threaded heating tube (with a sealing ring in the middle).

3. Flat flange fixed

After the customer determines the parameters of the flange, configure the appropriate female flange, fix the flange and the female flange with bolts, and fix it with gaskets. For high sealing requirements, it can also be carried out on the original basis Welding and sealing.