How to correct common faults of ceramic band heater?

- Oct 07, 2020-

How to correct common faults of ceramic band heater?

1. The ceramic band heater is damaged;

Solution: First, turn off the power of the ceramic band heater, unplug the wire, check whether the ceramic band heater is burnt with a multimeter, and replace it immediately if it is burned to solve the problem.


2. No strong current output;

Solution: Check the high current used in the electricband heater and the ceramic band heater with a multimeter. The usual problem is that the heating switch trips or burns out, and the trip is pushed up again from start to finish. If it fails, turn off the power and replace it.

 3. The contactor of the ceramic band heater burns out;     

Solution: First, as a problem with the ceramic band heater contactor, check whether the control power supply of the ceramic band heater contactor is live or not, check whether the contacts are loose, and then use a screwdriver to loosen and turn off the power, then tighten the connector. The fifth problem with the connector is that the ceramic band heater contactor is damaged, so it can be replaced. Pay attention to making symbols for each line to avoid unclear memories.      

4. The ceramic band heater contactor has no control power supply;

Solution: When the control power is exhausted, there is usually no output power on the 10 board of the computer. There are basically two problems. One is that the overload maintenance cable is burned out, and the other is that the output point is burned out and the thermal fuse is burned out. Replacing the current fuse can solve the problem, but if the output point is damaged, it can only be solved by using a spare output or repairing the 10-board.      


5.The circuit of the ceramic band heater is open.      

Solution: Use a multimeter to check the circuit section by section, find the damaged part of the heater and replace it, or start the connection from the beginning.