How to choose veneer heating pressing machine

- May 18, 2020-

1. Do you need to compare a lot of parameters to buy veneer heat pressing machine?

When choosing a veneerheat pressing machine, it is necessary to take it seriously and carry out this work, because if the wrong choice will cause product waste and bring economic losses to the user, everyone also needs to know that all related to the product purchase Factors are all important considerations, but they are more considered in conjunction with the actual situation of their own production. There is no need to overthink a certain item. After all, different types of products are naturally different, so they are not comparable. All that needs to be considered is whether it meets the production conditions of its own factory to the maximum extent.


2. What do I need to prepare for the selection of veneer heat pressing machine?

The veneer heat pressing machine needs to do some preparatory work before purchasing the product. Its purpose is twofold. One is to reflect the importance of the product purchase, and the other is to avoid wrong choices. In terms of work content, have a clear understanding of product use environment and requirements, understand some basic information of products and manufacturers, so that you can make accurate judgments and have the right choice.

3. Can the plywood hot press be a veneer heat pressing machine?

Plywood heat pressing machine, which is mainly used to process and manufacture plywood, is used to hot press glue the slab after the combination of glue, and different plywood has different requirements for the performance of the hot press. In terms of operation methods, it can be divided into two types: periodic and continuous. Whether it is a veneer heat pressing machine, depends on whether this type of heat pressing machine can be hot pressed veneer, if possible, it can be used as a veneer heat pressing machine.

4. What is the price of veneer heat pressing machine? Can the veneer press be automated?

From the professional point of view, the price of particleboard veneer heat pressing machine has many related factors, such as product specifications, models, dimensions, parameters, configuration and product after-sales service. Moreover, in terms of veneer type, there are single veneer and double veneer, and corresponding to different product prices, generally speaking, double veneer is higher than single veneer. Whether the veneer hot press can be automatically operated, that is, to achieve automation, from the current point of view, this is technically no problem, and it is easy to implement, which can improve the working efficiency of the equipment.