How to choose the gas heater for melt blow fabric machine?

- Apr 24, 2020-

Air heater is one of the main equipment in the melt-blown production process because a large amount of high-temperature clean air is required in the melt-blown process. The melt-blown cloth heater heats the air sent by the Roots blower or air compressor to the specified temperature It is then transported to the meltblown die head.

The heater selected in the melt-blown production line should pay attention to the following aspects:

        1. The air required in the process is clean. The air source input to the air heater should be clean and dry. The material of the heater in contact with the air must be at least SUS304 grade;

        2. Because the air source in the normal process is provided by an air compressor or Roots blower, the air heater should choose a pipe-type heater with pressure capability; 3. The heater selection should consider the air volume, temperature difference, Factors such as heat loss during pipeline transportation;

        4. The melt-blowing process has high requirements for the temperature control accuracy of the air heater. In terms of temperature control, a module with higher temperature control accuracy should be selected, which has a larger specific temperature difference and affects the stability of the air temperature;

We supply electric gas heaters which are also called a pipeline heater. The pipeline heater is mainly composed of an electric heating tube, an inner tube, an insulation layer, an outer shell, a wiring cavity, and an electronic control system.