How to Choose Insulation Material for Electric Heating Tube?

- May 15, 2020-

The choice of filling material directly effects the life of the electric heating tube.

If use the wrong filling insulation materials, especially in the high temperature electric heating tubes, it will burst the tube.


The magnesium oxide powder will continue to increase with temperature, which will cause continuous changes in insulation performance. Therefore, the production of electric heating tubes requires the selection of magnesium oxide powder at different temperatures according to different working temperatures.


Working temperature ≤400℃, low temperature magnesium oxide powder.

400 ℃ < operating temperature≤600 ℃, medium temperature magnesium oxide powder

600 ℃ < working temperature≤850 ℃, high temperature magnesium oxide powder

Note: For components whose maximum temperature is higher than 450 ℃ or the temperature that may be encountered during processing exceeds 450 ℃, brass lead-out rods must not be used.