How to choose good quality silicone rubber heating wire

- May 19, 2020-

Silicone rubber heating wire is a kind of high temperature resistant heating wire made of silicon rubber, which is made of high temperature resistant and high strength type and processed by special manufacturing process. It plays an important role in the electronics industry and household electrical appliances industry, but many friends do not know how to choose it when choosing it. The following editors share with you some considerations when choosing:

1. Choose according to your actual situation. We all know that the electrical and electronic industries have different requirements for production. We need to choose a silicone rubber heating wire model that meets the specifications according to our actual situation and actual needs.
2. Choose good quality cables that are resistant to oil, strong acids, strong alkalis, and strong oxidants. The chemical properties of inferior cables are unstable. Electrical or electronic equipment using such inferior cables will bury hidden safety hazards.
3. Choose high-temperature enterprises with good after-sales service and guaranteed quality, so that we can guarantee that the products we choose have service guarantee.