How to choose a good silicone rubber oil drum heater?

- Feb 04, 2021-

How to choose a good silicone rubber oil drum heater?

Silicone rubber oil drum heater is our good companion for heating. It has good physical strength and softness. Applying external force to the electric heater can make the electric heating element and the heated object have good contact. At the same time, the silicone rubber oil drum heater also has good resistance to chemical corrosion, and it is invincible when used in wet, corrosive gas and other harsh environments. Since this product has so many benefits, how should you choose?


1. Conduct electrical strength test. Under the cold electrical strength and the electrical strength of the working temperature, a good product should be able to withstand 50hz for one minute. After cutting off the current 5ma, there is no breakdown or flashover.

2. Conduct an overload test

 Under the condition of exothermic heat, power on for 1.5 hours at the rated power of 1.27, cut off the power to cool down and repeat the hype 30 times to see if the heating belt of the oil drum is damaged.

3. Conduct leakage current experiment

Jaye Heater recommends that the silicoen rubber band heater of the oil drum be placed under heating conditions and energized at a voltage of 1.15. If the leakage current is less than 0.5MA, it is a good product.

4. Carry out sealing test

 This sealing test is mainly carried out on the shell of the silicone rubbe band heater of the oil drum, put it in acidified water, and then place it on both ends.

5. Carry out sealer test

Jaye Heater said that the main performance requirements are the same as the fourth item, but the experimental conditions are different. The conditions of this experiment are to place the product in an environment with a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius and a humidity of 95%.