How to choose a good mask machine heating equipment?

- Mar 24, 2020-

In the production line of the hot pressing part of the mask machine equipment, it generally requires the electric heating element heater, and the hot pressing effect of the mask machine equipment determines the qualification rate of the mask, so choosing a good quality heating element for the mask machine means a good quality mask machine.

1. Tube material.

Some domestic low-end heating tube manufacturers pursue low cost. Many of them use stainless steel 202 and 201 materials. Actually, the mechanical and electrical heating tubes of masks use at least stainless steel 304 or better stainless steel 321 according to their operating temperature.

2. Material of heating wire

The material of the heating wire is generally iron-chromium-aluminum or nickel-chromium wire, and the high-end will use BGH nickel-chromium wire imported from Germany.

3. Magnesium oxide powder

Magnesium oxide powder is an important insulation and heat transfer filler. Its performance directly determines the insulation performance at high temperatures. Magnesium oxide powder can also range from several thousand yuan a ton to tens of thousands of tons according to different grades.

4. Lead structure (external lead or inner lead. For details, you can understand the difference between the inner lead and the outer lead of a single-head electric heating tube)