How to Choose a Good Fin Heating Tube

- May 26, 2020-

1. Type


Before choosing, we need to understand the type of heating tube. At present, it is mainly divided into single head fin heating tube, double head, dry burning W shape, heat dissipation type, etc.


2. Product use


It can be installed in blowing ducts and other stationary and flowing air heating occasions, and is better at heating fuel oil and petroleum.


3. Product features


The heating tube is fast temperature rising, uniform heat generation, low cost and long service life. It can be rationally designed according to the specific requirements of the user, and it is easy to install.


4. Product technology


Fin electric heating tube is to wrap metal fins on the surface of heating elements, the heat dissipation area is expanded, and the load of surface power is also increased.


5. Material and application


It is generally made of good quality stainless steel dissipated sheet, high resistance electric heating alloy wire and other materials. The products have been widely used in machinery manufacturing, household appliances, especially air curtains of air conditioners and other industries.