How to change the heating tube of household oven

- Apr 21, 2020-

Change the pipe]

Tools: multimeter, cross screwdriver, hex wrench, hexagon socket or pointed nose pliers, small container for screws.

Step 1. Remove the shell from the back of the oven. One part is the cross screw and the other part is the hex socket screw

Step 2: on the side of the oven, the left side is simply the nut of four pipes, and on the right side is a circuit board such as a transformer. It is relatively simple to replace the tube. To replace the tube, you must first remove the voltmeter board (upper right corner) before removing the tube. Remove the pipe nut. If there is no hexagon socket, it can be replaced by a pointed nose pliers and vice. The back of the nut is a gasket. After the nut is removed, store it carefully. I use a bottle cap or a box for putting candy. None of them can be put back.

Step 3. It is recommended to take a photo and record every step of dismantling, and then install it back, nothing will fall. After all, it's a 220 volt appliance. It's not a joke if the wires are wrongly connected or short circuited.

Step 4. After the heating pipe is installed, check the wiring with the multimeter, and screw on the screws in turn.

Step 5. Take care of the removed old pipes and keep them for use next time. Often observe the condition of the pipe. If there is serious bending, it is not far from complete damage.