How does the strip heater help the motor dehumidify?

- Dec 16, 2020-

How does the strip heater help the motor dehumidify?

1 Overview

In a humid environment, when the motor is not working, the moisture-proof band heater works, so that the temperature of the motor winding is always higher than the ambient temperature. Therefore, the coil winding does not form frost. Ensure the insulation class when the motor is restarted.

2. Features

The moisture-proof belt heater has stable performance, reasonable structure and easy installation. It is the most advanced product for motor moisture-proof.

3. Reference for wiring diagram

D: Moisture-proof motor

R: Motor heating belt

K: electromagnetic switch

TA: OFF button

QA: ON button

Note: When the motor is energized, the strip heater is powered off. When the motor is powered off, the band heater is energized and heated. When the motor is not used for a long time, the strip heater needs to be energized 2 hours in advance, and then the motor is energized after removing the moisture.


Electrical parameters of strip heater

1. Insulation layer: silicone rubber cloth

2. Heating wire: multi-stranded nickel-chromium alloy wire or iron-chromium-chromium alloy sheet

3. Thickness: standard 1.5MM

4. Working temperature: -40-200℃

5. Voltage: 3.7-440V

6. Power: made according to customer requirements

7. Power deviation: <±5%

8. High voltage test: 4000V/1MIN/5MA without breakdown