How does the Electric Iron Thermostat Work

- Jun 12, 2020-

The work of the electric iron thermostat consists of multiple components, including electric heating elements, resistors and control elements.


The iron itself has a heating system, and this system provides heat to the equipment for working. The temperature controller is to receive the temperature information by the electric heating element, and judge the electric heating information by resistance. If the input heat is greater than the threshold set in advance by the thermostat of the electric iron, the control element controls the resistance to cut off the input of energy, and then the heat of the electric iron decreases to a certain temperature. If the input heat of the electric iron reaches the threshold, the electric iron thermostat does not work, the resistance element does not prevent the electric energy, and the electric iron is in a continuous heating.


In general, the electric iron thermostat is a protection device for the electric iron, which mainly protects the components in the electric iron from being burned due to the influence of excessive temperature. The reason is similar to a high-voltage line or a gate valve in a piping system to protect the safety of equipment by cutting off the source of energy.