Heating Elements of Storage water heater

- May 04, 2020-

Heating element is the most important part for the storage water hearer, The reliability of the electric water heater is determined by the quality and stability of the heating elements in side. With the continuous improvement of the quality of domestic electric water heater products. The design of the electric heating tube as a key spare part should develop in the direction of standardization, easy maintenance, low cost and more safety in the coming years. At the same time, when designing the storage type electric water heater, the following points should be paid attention to the parts related to the electric heating pipe

1-The shape of the electric heating tube and its position in the liner of the water tank.
2-Outer tube material: different pipe material should be choosed based on the condition of the water environment and the specific requirements.
3-Resistance Heating wire: The electric heating pipes used in several water storage water heaters use iron chromium aluminum resistance wire. But if it is a high surface power density electric heating tube (> 25W / cm) or dry burning electric heating tube in fast electric water heater, Ni80 resistance wire is more suitable.
4- MgO powder: The grade of the MgO powder and quality affect the quality of the water heating elements very much.