General 5 matters when using electric oven

- Mar 18, 2020-

When we buy an electric oven and the first time we bake bread or cook a chicken, we are confused about how to use the oven. Following are 5 matters that we usually face,

1. How to preheat the oven

Before baking food, the oven must be preheated to the temperature required for baking the food. Preheating takes about 10 minutes to meet the baking time on the recipe. In addition, pre-heating can remove odor and sterilize, and allow the oven to reach a relatively constant temperature, and the baking success rate is higher.

2. Choice of oven shelves

For normal single-layer barbecue or pastry, it is recommended to place the baking tray or grill on the middle and lower layer, that is, the second layer from the bottom to the top. The temperature distribution of this layer is relatively uniform, which is conducive to the roasting of barbecue or pastry. In addition, the location can be different according to the baking needs of different foods.

3. How to use the baking pan

When using the grill net, first place the grill net on the corresponding shelves on both sides of the inside of the electric oven, and then place the grill pan or cleaning pan under the grill net to receive the grease during the food baking process. When using a baking sheet, it is best to pad the baking sheet with aluminum foil to prevent oil from contaminating the baking sheet. As food remaining on the baking sheet or grill can easily cause burning, remember to clean the baking sheet and grill after use.

4. How to use the oven timer

When putting the prepared food in the electric oven, the time knob should be at the "0" position. To prevent the timer from stealing, turn the timer to the maximum first, and then adjust to the time you need.

5. How to solve the virtual position problem

First, pay attention when using the oven. If there is false death (the timer is obviously stopped, but it is still working), dial back to zero. If there is a virtual position (for example, 15 minutes is set, but the actual distance is only 12 minutes), you can increase or decrease the time appropriately.

When we have the above 5 concerns of using the electric oven, we believe we can cook delicious food for our family.