Fixing method of flange electric tubular heaters

- Sep 03, 2020-

Fixing method of flange electric tubular heaters:

Flange electric  tubular heater is widely used in oil tank, water tank, boiler and other liquid heating equipment due to its high thermal efficiency and long service life. However, many customers do not know how to fix the flange electric  tubular heater. 

Let's first understand the common types of flange electric tubular heaters:

Flat flange electric tubular heater

Flange thread tubular heater

Electric tubular heater with reverse thread flange

Fixing method of flange electric  tubular heater: 

Flat flange tubular heater:1. First, make a hole in the heating vessel. (the hole diameter is generally larger than the peripheral diameter of the flange heating pipe) 2. Then weld the outer nozzle outside the hole. (the diameter of the outer nozzle is equal to that of the opening) 3. Then weld the female flange to the outer nozzle. (the female flange is matched with the flange above the heating pipe) 4. Finally, the flange on the flange heating pipe and the female flange are butted and fixed with screws, and a sealing ring is used in the middle.

Threaded flange tubular heater (threaded and reverse threaded)

A. Threaded flange heating pipe: 1. First, make a hole in the heating vessel. 2. Then weld the parent ring outside the hole. (the primary ring is matched with the thread of heating pipe) 3. Finally, screw the electric heating tube directly on the mother tooth ring.

B. Tubular heater with counter threaded flange: 1. First, make a hole in the heating vessel. (hole diameter equal to thread diameter of heating pipe) 2. Then, the threaded part of the electric heating pipe with the anti screw flange is threaded from the inside of the container to the outside. 3. Finally, screw the hexagon nut on the thread of the electric heating tube to seal it.

This Artical introduces the fixing method of the flange electric heating pipe, which can refer to this article if the flange electric heating pipe can not be installed.