Features of PTC Heater

- Nov 23, 2020-

Features of PTC Heater

1.PTC heating element has the characteristics of automatic constant temperature, no temperature  control system is needed, and PTCheating element can be directly energized.

2.When the PTC heating element is used to heat liquid (such as water), after the liquid is dried, the PTC heating element will not be damaged.

3.If the PTC heating element is used to heat the cold air, when the air is not supplied, the PTC heating element will not be damaged.

4.Long service life, under normal environment, the service life can reach 10 years or more.

5.It works reliably, and uses the internal characteristics of the PTC heater to control the  temperature , and will never over-temperature.

6.The working voltage is very wide: when the working voltage changes by 2 times, the change in surface temperature is very small.

7.When multiple PTC heaters are used together, they should be connected in parallel, not in series.

8.Different heat dissipation conditions make the heating power of PTC heaters vary greatly.  

9.The heating power changes from large to small after power-on, and finally stabilizes. The stable power is related to the use conditions. If the same PTC heater is used under different conditions, the power may differ several times. The faster the heat dissipation, the higher the stable power; the higher the surface temperature of PTC, the higher the power.

(1) PTC ceramic heating element based on heat conduction. Its characteristic is that the electrode plate (electrical conductivity and heat transfer) and insulation layer (electrical insulation and heat transfer) thermally conductive heat storage plate (some also With additional thermal conductive glue) and other multi-layer heat transfer structure, the heat emitted by the PTC heater element is transferred to the heated object.

(2) Various PTC heater ceramic hot air heaters that use the formed hot air to conduct convective heat transfer. It is characterized by large output power and can automatically adjust the blowing air temperature and output heat.

(3) Infrared radiant heater. Its characteristics actually use the heat quickly emitted by the surface of the PTC heater element or the heat-conducting plate to directly or indirectly stimulate the far-infrared paint or far-infrared material that touches its surface to radiate infrared rays, which constitutes the PTC Heater Ceramic infrared radiant heater.