Environmental Friendly Electric Heating Tube for Barbecue

- Jul 22, 2020-

Smokeless barbecue electric heating tube has the following characteristics:


1. Smoke-free, healthy and environmentally friendly during using;


2. Different outer tube materials can be selected according to different working temperatures;


3. The smokeless electric heating barbecue tube uses high-temperature and high-purity magnesium oxide powder as the insulating filling material;


4. The power of the smokeless electric heating tube is about 4 times that of the ordinary air dry tube;


5. Smokeless electric heating barbecue tube adopts ceramic head, which is resistant to high temperature, oxidation resistance and long life. It solves the problem that the joints of electric heating tube are easy to be damaged.


The main feature of the smokeless barbecue electric heating tube is that there is no oily smoke when grilling food, and it is environmentally friendly and healthy when cooking. After the electric heating tube was energized, and conducted a dripping test on the surface of the electric heating tube. The results showed that there was indeed no oil fume. At this time, the surface temperature of the heating tube could reach about 750 degrees.