Electric Iron Thermostat

- Jul 24, 2020-

Ironing clothes is a technical job, and it is really difficult to control the temperature of an electric iron. The thermostat of an electric iron can well help control and adjust the temperature.


The work of the electric iron is also attributed to the electric iron thermostat made of bimetallic sheet. The bimetallic sheet is made by tightly riveting the copper sheet and the iron sheet with the same length and width. When heated, because the copper sheet expands more than the iron sheet, the bimetallic sheet bends toward the iron sheet. The higher the temperature, the more significant the bending. At room temperature, the contacts on the ends of the bimetallic strip are in contact with the contacts on the elastic copper strip. The thermostat of the electric iron can well control the temperature and adjust the temperature of the parts in the electric iron. The temperature controller of the electric iron can control the temperature of the electric iron very well, so that the temperature will not be too high or too low, then you will not burn the clothes when ironing.