Electric high temperature oven's heating work

- Feb 27, 2020-

Electric high temperature ovens are generally liable to cause heat loss during normal operation, such as the heat lost through the outer surface of the oven, the heat required to heat the material and the moving parts of the conveying material, the heat required to heat, and the heat required to supplement the fresh air , The heat lost from the entrance and exit of the material and the door gap is added to the above parts.


Now, the high-temperature oven insulation materials made with high technology and the new type of high-temperature oven insulation coatings have high temperature resistance and temperature resistance up to 1800 ° C, that is, the heat required for the normal production of the oven. However, the performance of the thermal insulation materials in domestic high-temperature ovens is not very good, the utilization rate of the thermal energy of the oven is relatively low, and the heat loss is serious.


It can keep 90% of the heat of the high-temperature oven without losing, can effectively keep cold for the low-temperature objects, and can restrain the cold loss caused by the radiant heat of the environment, which can prevent the occurrence of condensation water. ZS-1 thermal insulation coating also has the characteristics of insulation and wear resistance, acid and alkali resistance, light weight and convenient construction.

Because of it’s high effective heating and high temperature, it is popular used in industry and medical field.