Electric heating pipe leakage is broken?

- Sep 01, 2020-

Electric heating pipe leakage is broken?

Some customers find that the electric heating pipe will leak electricity when using it. Now let's see if the electric heating pipe is broken?

The electric heating pipes have been tested for insulation before leaving the factory, and they will be delivered only after reaching the standard. There are two reasons for leakage

1. After the electric heating pipe has been placed in a humid environment for too long, the filling material inside the electric heating pipe has absorbed a lot of moisture, so the insulation of the filling material will be reduced and the leakage phenomenon will occur. In this case, the electric heating tube is not broken, use low-pressure power for a few hours to discharge the humidity.

2. The electric heating pipe is used in corrosive liquid for a period of time, which leads to trachoma and small holes in the electric heating pipe. The liquid enters the electric heating pipe and makes the filling material lose its insulation. In this way, the electric heating pipe is broken and can not be used.

So is the leakage of electric heating pipe broken? This depends on the situation. If you want to know more about whether the electric heating pipe leakage is broken, you can consult Jaye industry at info@jaye-industry.com.