Electric Grill Heating Tube for Oven

- Nov 26, 2020-

Electric Grill Heating Tube for Oven

The most commonly used electric oven heating element is the finned heating tube, which is made by winding fins or putting on square fins on the basis of the light tube heating tube. These fins are used to increase the heat dissipation area and speed up the heat dissipation rate, thereby avoiding the heating tube surface temperature from being too high and burning the electric heating tube. The electric heating tube of the oven can be bent into various shapes according to the installation environment, which is flexible. Use fasteners or flange installation, convenient and simple.

Electric oven heating tubes are often used in heating equipment such as ovens, ovens, hot blast stoves, tea curing machines, air duct heaters, black tea baking baskets, drying ovens, industrial high temperature electric furnaces, load cabinets, etc.

The material selection of the oven heating tube is determined according to the ambient heating temperature. The more commonly used tube materials are stainless steel 304 and fin fasteners stainless steel 201. This material can withstand a temperature of about 300 degrees. There are also stainless steel 321 with a temperature resistance of 500 degrees, and stainless steel 310S with a temperature resistance of 700 degrees.

If you want to customize electric heating element for oven , you need to know the following parameters:


2. Power

3. Pipe diameter 

4. Shape

5. Length 

6. Lead length

 7. Material 

8. Fastener size

9. Fastener material

10. Fin material

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