Electric Cartridge Heater better assists the mask machine equipment!

- Aug 22, 2020-

With the outbreak of the new coronavirus, masks have become a must, and everyone needs to "cover" themselves.

Masks are not only urgently needed by the whole people in China, but even abroad, as the epidemic changes, they are also in urgent need.

The increasing demand for masks has led to a continuous increase in their raw materials. At the same time, many manufacturers who are not professional masks have joined the mask production line.

The demand for mask machine equipment has skyrocketed. The mask electromechanical heating tube will be used in the hot pressing process of the mask machine equipment. The common mask electromechanical heating tube specification is 10*240 or 16*240mm 220V/400W\500W\600W.


The quality of the mask electromechanical heating tube directly affects the hot pressing effect of the mask machine equipment. The quality of the mask electromechanical heating tube directly depends on the components of the electric heating tube, as follows:

1. Tube material.

According to the working temperature of the mask electromechanical heating tube, the material is at least stainless steel 304, or better, stainless steel 321. Jaye always uses the best quality Cartridge heater rod.

2. The material of the heating wire

The heating wire material will generally be iron-chromium-aluminum or nickel-chromium wire, and the high-end will use the BGH nickel-chromium wire imported from Germany.

3. Magnesium oxide powder

Magnesium oxide powder is an important insulating and heat transfer filler, and its performance directly determines the insulation performance at high temperatures. Magnesium oxide powder will also vary from several thousand yuan per ton to tens of thousands of tons according to different grades.

4. Lead structure (external lead or inner lead)

Therefore, there are electro-mechanical heating tubes for masks of the same size ranging from a cheap one of ten yuan to more than one hundred expensive. Even high-end Misumi’s electro-mechanical heating tubes for masks have reached eight or nine hundred. You get what you pay for, and the product positioning of different mask machine equipment will use different price mask electromechanical heating tubes.

Electromechanical heating tubes for masks at different prices have different lifespans and quality guarantees. Domestic low-end methods cost more than ten yuan each, and the general life span is about a few months. Now the mask equipment is overloaded. , And it is not recommended to use low-end mask electromechanical heating tube. Our company recommends using a more cost-effective external lead imported process mask electromechanical heating tube. The warranty is 1 year and the life can be as high as 3 years. Welcome to inquire JAYE!