Durable instant heating technology: thick film heating

- Aug 07, 2020-

Thick film heating technology

Thick film circuits are made of metal resistor paste doped with electronic paste with semiconductor far-infrared function, and 3-50μ thick film is prepared on metal or non-metal substrate through circuit design, optical drawing board, filming, sintering and other processes Circuit.

Thick film circuit

In general integrated circuits, there are thick films and thin films. Thick film circuits that are professionally used in the electric heating field have a thickness of 3-50μ, and circuits with a film thickness of 10μ or more are called thick film circuits.

Heating principle of thick film circuit

Using metal resistance paste as the main raw material, printing to form a pure resistance layer circuit, it can have stable power after power on. With this characteristic, a thick film resistor integrated circuit (referred to as thick film circuit) is formed. In addition, a heating element with PTC characteristics can be achieved, and the resistance of the thick film circuit rises sharply at a certain temperature (Curie point temperature). The sudden change in temperature caused by the increase in resistance can be adjusted from normal temperature to hundreds of degrees. The R-T curve is linear. This characteristic is called the resistance effect of the positive temperature coefficient thermistor thick film circuit. Not only has the general characteristics of the thermistor, but also because of the uniqueness of its material composition and process, it also has unique and excellent performance that the general thermistor does not have, so that the control accuracy and sensitivity can be greatly improved. It can realize multi-temperature zone gradient setting and intelligent control.