Does microwave heating of food cause cancer?

- Apr 02, 2020-

Regardless of the heating method, if the food is heated too high, it may cause carcinogens. For example, above 120 degrees, the reaction of amino acids and carbohydrates may produce suspected carcinogens of acrylamide, such as frying and roasting various pasta, biscuit snacks, french fries, potato chips, coffee beans, and other foods; above 200 degrees, then Protein may produce heterocyclic amine carcinogens, such as when fried fish meat is cooked; above 300 degrees, fats in food will produce a large number of benzopyrene carcinogens, such as kebabs, grilled meat, and improper cooking of meat. when.

If a microwave oven is used for heating, it generally does not need to reach 100 degrees or more. For high-moisture foods such as porridge, soup, milk, rice, noodles, as long as the moisture is not steamed, the temperature of the food will always be maintained at 100 degrees. The occurrence of carcinogens. Therefore, the normal use of microwave ovens will not cause food to produce carcinogens. Even according to related research, microwave ovens can also effectively reduce the production of the above-mentioned carcinogens compared with traditional heating methods, especially methods such as burning, roasting, and frying.